about style remix

style remix

- my dream in life is to become a fashion stylist. perferably for mens fashion.
-im currently in college majoring in internatonal business.
- i work at the most non fahion-ess job ever, but i get to read all my fav
magazines for free ;) 
- im not a shy person but you have to say hi first. 
- i wish i could go up to people with bad clothing and help them fix their outfit , lol like staci london 
- iphone and macbook. apple all the way.
-no matter what mood im in music is always playin.
- i dont care if hes a jerk, kanye west is my favortist person. artistically and stylish.
- i live in every stores sales section
- i also beileve that anything can be found cheaper. never buy full price.
- i google everything.
- im spanish so im very sassy. 
- i want to sell my car and move to nyc :)  sold my car, drove the bus-hated it- bought a new one...stuck in jersey.

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