Monday, May 24, 2010

i must be lucky

i swear sometimes i amaze myseld with the things i find. like these shoes!

i found these bcbg luanex sandel which are alomost identical to the ysl tributes.
ive only been obssesing over these ysl tributes since they came out. their the perfect sandel !
but by the time i could of afford them theyd probably be discontinued. but ive found the next best thing. thank god for copy cat designers.

img cedit polyvore

the only difference they have is the platform and heel height. YSL tribs run for about $895
and i got these for $4o. the the only size left was a 7 or 9 and im an 8 , so i got the 9 and they fit perfectly! defitnitly my new fav shoes, i already have soo many ideas. :D


im soooo freakin excited lol!

till next time.


  1. OMG, I LOVE them!!!!!

    I have a Coach bag that is denim and it would match quite well! HeHe!

    Ciao Cupcake,

    -Mimi @ Irresistible Icing

  2. Give me your shoes!! :P LOL. they are gorgeous, you ARE very lucky!

  3. Yet another super cute pair of shoes... your closet should go down in history... LOVE them!!!

  4. Wow you are lucky indeed, they look exactly like the YSL! Cute find!


  5. Wow, you do find great finds!!! Wish we were closer so we could go shopping ;) It'd be a blast! Loving these :] ♥

  6. Loving the bold ring, we are loving your finds!

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    xx .sabo skirt


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