Tuesday, July 27, 2010

live it up

i think i should start posting more things about me. lol that sounds so weird but when it comes to posting i have nothing to say. and i talk, alot. but my sister always tells me can you say something more other then " ok this is my outfit , till next time" lol its just weird for me to sit and write a whole paragraph about my day   i find it weird communicating through a computer but ill try to communicate more :)

so here are some pictures my friend took while we were at a lounge in chealsea, nyc. the clubs called amnesia, they just opened it but it must be popular because i hear tmz waits outside to see all the celebs that go there. but i didnt see anyone when i went but it was sooo much fun. although it was alot of money it was worth it  i cant wait to go back.   


i still cant beileve i made it all night with those jess simps. ima trooper lol . well till next time xo.



  1. you look fab! <i would love to know more about you :)

  2. You look great, and have a fabulous crew!

    Adding more about yourself just helps your readers to feel like they "know" you. ;)

  3. Looked like fun!!! Oddly I feel like I do know you ::Kanye shrug::



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