Thursday, August 5, 2010

you'll find peace in music

the only thing i love more then shoes is finding a hot new song. i LOVE music . (as you can tell from my tat)  but i HATE the  radio. dont get me started on how much i hate the radio. ugh there are so many freakin songs but they decide to play the same 3 over and over and over. ugh. anyways  back to what i was saying. im always searching for a new hot artist or newly released songs from my fav artists.  so im going to share with you some of my favorite people and song

links will take you to youtube

my all time fav artist is kanye. not only does he produce GREAT music but his style is impecable, yeah hes a deuch but hes a creative deuch lol . my favorite song from him is prob i wonder , but almost every song from him is my favorite.

 i also love drake. but not because hes gangster or hangs with lil wayne ( love him too) but because he actually loves what he does. he collabed with so many different artist that you would never think of like the song lil bit with lykke li. LOVE that song . another one of my favs is lets call it off  a song he did with  peter bjorn, who would of tought. overall hes an  AMAZING artist im loving his album , every song is amazing!  ( the resistance by drake on the tank me later album)
M.I.A' s album was the only thing i heard in the summer of 08 . lol i was obssesed. i love come around , bamboo banga and boyz shes a unique artist. im curretnly obsessed with her new song XXXO with jay z 

its so hard to choose favorites , you should see my itunes its a MESS. ( over 2000 songs. smh)
here are some of my currently and all time fav 

and like a bunch more ima start putting my currently fav song at the end of my posts lol . 

i can go on & on about music but im too tired lol hopefully ill get an outfit post soon. because i got my sis mad and she wont take pics lol

oh before i forget . the artist MNDR is a duo group that i just discovered and im hooked. their doing a show at the mercury lounge at the end of august but i just need to find someone to go with. if you liek them let me know.and if your around nyc lol. 

 so whats your favorite song?


  1. I love kanye and drake does have a passion for his art. Great post. btw who won the owl? lol

  2. Wow, in this post, you and I are so similar, it's ridiculous. ;)

    My fave song??? Wow, it's so hard to narrow down, and I can't. lol. One of them is Maroon 5, "Sunday Morning."

  3. cool shoes!!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. I Wonder by Kanye is sooo good. Def one of my favorites. That entire album is amaze-balls!

    My favorite song ever is "Change of Heart" by El Perro del Mar.

  5. sunny- i lovee maroon 5

    CR-that song sounds intersting i gotta look it up lol


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