Sunday, September 12, 2010

fall is in full swing

loving this fall weather were gettin but the rain is ruining my hair lol. looks like this fall ill be living in slouchy shirts and fedoras :) . FNO was fun but omg everything was packed couldnt get in anywhere but we did browse the city. there was soo much going on its like you dont know where to go next . lol ill do a post later, im still waiting on some pics :) .

about this outfit i LOVE these colors, all ive been buying is grey nudes & green.
h&m shirt& hat ; aldo necklace; f21 jeans & swallow 2 finger ring . boots from some random boutique (dont recognize the brand)

till next time ! 


  1. :D NIIIICIE! love this on you! awesome booties! and you look so cute with a hat on! :D
    miss you.

  2. Dope outfit!! I love it! I wish I could rock hats but I got a giant waterhead :( lol

  3. I love this look!!! The ring is hot!

  4. I am loving this look (as do the comments before me) Its just the right amount of trendy without trying to hard... you look super duper cute!!!


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