Sunday, January 2, 2011

new in

well helloo, i missed ya!
sry for my absentness. but latley ive just felt blah.
plus my camera broke so no pictures :(
and i rather spend money on shoes or makeup and not a new camera. lol

well other then supplying my new makeup obsession ( ex. 4 new NARS blushes)
ive FINALLY found the PERFECT bookbag for school. 
yeah remember when i was looking for one?
ive settled for this. (happy dances)

its simple, black, cute, and oh yeah ITS MARC JACOBS !
i first saw it on shopbop and was Determined to get it with my next paycheck but ofcourse it was sold out the next day. gr
so after searching everywhere for it i found it at my local nordstrom
last one, in black = fate.

now i cant wait for school to start again. lol

till next timeeee


  1. sorry about your camera! We can take pics when we meet :D and LOOOOOOVE the bag!!! really fate!! <3

  2. Well I hope you can get a new camera soon because you have amazing style, that we love seeing!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips


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