Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shades of Blue

blazer/blouse: iforgot -_- jeans ; charlotte russe .shoes; steve madden via macy's

It was a gorgeous day out to finally take some outfit pics. Jen and I went out to our favorite spot and of course it was crowded lol. Its funny seeing peoples expressions when your posing for pics ! having her around will def motivate me to take some pics..

till next time ..



  1. really nice place!
    I'm in love with Jen's jacket, where did she buy it please?

  2. I love love love the pics11 They turned out so good, really like the pic of you with the skyline behind you when you look into the cam, from the side, workingt that booty LOL, you look great!!!! lets do it again soon.
    Thanks Immer, I got it at Cubus, its an scandinavian based clothing store, you might be able to order online, not sure. :)

  3. These skyline pictures are so gorgeous, and I love your outfit!!!

  4. where did you guys take your pics? I want to go there when I visit this summer! New to your blog, got the link from Jassifers....You guys are too cute :D

    Mele from Australia


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