Thursday, August 19, 2010

i caved

arter eyeing these shoes for a week i caved. mostly because its been all over my twitter feed today. karen from wheredidugetthat posted about the similarity it has with the miu miu and mostly everyone liked this version better . and i def agree ! for $25 how can yu resist.  im oh so happy :) 
get yours here. only 2 sizes left!

my sister and i also bought these. we split the cost lol . 


  1. i almost caved and bought those heels too, but i just caved last week and bought the leopard wedges, a jeffrey campbell knockoff... so i didn't!

    i have those oxfords. i like them! they have a vintage distressed look to them :)

  2. It's pretty awesome that you and your sis can share items. ;)

  3. Awe damn. If I weren't broke I would have bought the Jeffrey Campbell knockoffs and those!

  4. Love your shoes xx

  5. Delicious dessert!
    And nice shoes!


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