Sunday, February 12, 2012

black on black

                                    ny&co jacket; f21shirt; charlotte russe shoes;lipstick mac girl about town

blackonblack. instant fail proof outfit. oh and you can't forget the bright lip!

typical friday night with the bff. we get all dressed and end up going nowhere -_- 
oh well we just instagram some pics :D

till next time



  1. Very Cute outfit. However, are you wearing tights or leggings? Just curious as you didn't state. YEah black on black is the forever go to staple but sometimes it can look bland if they are all the same fabrics. That is where you did so wel, mixing up the fabrics the (p)leather jacket, the (chiffon?) dress/top, the glass like is all VERY cute... Glad to see you are back at blogging, I havent seen you at the top of my blogroll in a while.

    1. thankkk you ! yeah its leggings but the material is shiny i dont know how to explain it. the top is just a regular top but its very flowy. i hope to be blogging more soon!


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